Food Safety

Canadian turkey farmers, including Saskatchewan turkey farmers, are on the leading edge of producing food that is healthy and high quality. Implementation of the Turkey Farmers of Canada’s On-Farm Food Safety Program© ensures that turkeys marketed by Canadian farmers continue to be of excellent quality, safe and wholesome for consumers in Canada and abroad. Somewhere here Saskatchewan.

The On-Farm Food Safety Program© provides turkey farmers with the most current measures to:

  • control salmonella and other diseases on-farm
  • minimize the risk of spreading animal disease to other barns
  • ensure all turkeys bought by consumers are free from medications or other residues if birds were sick and needed treatment
  • ensure that farm personnel are appropriately trained

The program outlines the proper handling and storage of feed, maintenance of water quality for birds, cleaning and sanitation schedules, as well as management of bedding, health products and other chemicals entering barns. It also ensures that farmers are able to control diseases and prevent disease transmission, that turkeys ready for sale are free of medications and farm personnel are properly trained.

Turkey Farmers of Canada supports and invests in research related to food safety and quality, which supports turkey farmers in their efforts to grow high quality, healthy products for Canadian consumers now and into the future.