We're Accountable

All our farmers must meet or exceed the National Farm Animal Care Council’s (NFACC) Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Hatching Eggs, Breeders, Chickens, and Turkeys which are guidelines for the care and handling of turkeys.

Every licensed turkey farm in Saskatchewan is audited by a third party auditor on an annual basis to verify they are caring for their birds and following national standards for food safety and animal welfare protocols.

Annual audits ensure continued good farming practices and that farmers are abiding by all rules and regulations. They also provide a way for best farming practices to be shared with farmers who many not otherwise be able to have access to this information. Audits demonstrate to consumers that Canadian turkey products are safe and high quality.

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The Codes of Practice by NFACC are based on the most up to date information for on-farm best management practices, and on input from animal science researchers in consultation with others who have a vested interest in farm animal welfare. This includes farmers, veterinarians, animal transporters, processors and retailers, government representatives, animal welfare/protection agencies and consumers.