Sustainability is Important to Us All

Sustainable farming involves meeting society’s expectations of how we produce food without compromising the ability of future generations to meet food production needs. Achieving this is complex and requires creating a balance between four general areas: animal welfare, food safety, environmental impacts and economic considerations. Our aim is to make turkey farming sustainable by maintaining a balance of all of these components.

In collaboration with Turkey Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan helps our farmers be more sustainable by giving them easy access to guidance and training to ensure their birds are kept healthy, reduce waste and use resources more efficiently. We are also committed to on-going research that helps us continually refine our practices to improve turkey care and comfort while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Turkey farming is also about efficiency. By growing our turkeys in the best possible conditions, protecting them from weather and predators, keeping them healthy, as well as providing optimal nutrition and health care, we can raise more birds – and higher quality birds – to meet consumers’ needs.

On-going research and development, sharing of best practices amongst turkey farmers, refining policies and procedures, along with demonstrating responsibility and competency in all aspects of turkey farming, are all important elements of sustainability that we put into practice.